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Mini Lesson: Phrasal Verb – "Look Forward To"

Introduction to the Target Language:

Hi everyone! Today, we'll unpack a very cheerful phrasal verb: "look forward to." This phrasal verb is a staple in both spoken and written English when expressing anticipation or excitement about future events. It is typically followed by a noun or a gerund (-ing form of a verb).

Let’s explore how you can incorporate "look forward to" in your communications to add a touch of enthusiasm and forward-thinking.

Students studying together
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Example Phrases:

  • I’m looking forward to the weekend, I need some time to relax!

  • We look forward to meeting you at the conference next month.

  • She is looking forward to starting her new job; she can hardly wait!

Gap Fill Exercise:

Time to practice! Fill in the blanks with "look forward to" in the correct form:

  1. I ________ seeing you again next summer.

  2. Our team ________ working with your department on this project.

  3. He ________ the results of his recent job application.

  4. They ________ their holiday in Spain more than anything.

  5. She ________ completing her degree this year.

Are you looking forward to using "look forward to" in your everyday English? Practice makes perfect!

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