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Mini Lesson: Phrasal Verb – "Set Up"

Introduction to the Target Language:

Hello and welcome! Today, we're focusing on a very handy phrasal verb: "set up." This verb is essential in both casual and business English for its versatility. "Set up" can mean:

  1. To establish or arrange: This includes starting businesses, arranging events, or configuring equipment.

  2. To prepare someone by providing what is necessary: Often used in contexts of facilitation and assistance.

Ready to learn more? Here are some clear examples to guide you.

Adult studying for an exam
Tests can help but are not the best way to learn

Example Phrases:

  1. Establishing or Arranging:

  • He set up a new marketing company with two of his college friends.

  • Could you help me set up the projector for tomorrow's presentation?

  • We need to set up a meeting to discuss the upcoming product launch.

  1. Providing Necessary Setup:

  • I set her up with the necessary contacts to get her business off the ground.

  • The agency set us up with all the equipment we needed for the expedition.

  • The teacher set up the student with resources to succeed in the course.

Gap Fill Exercise:

Let’s put your new skills to use! Fill in the blanks using the correct form of "set up":

  1. They've ________ a fund to help the victims of the disaster.

  2. She's been ________ in a temporary office while her usual workspace is being renovated.

  3. We need to ________ some guidelines for this project by next week.

  4. Can you ________ the chairs in the conference room before everyone arrives?

  5. He was ________ with a computer, a desk, and all necessary supplies on his first day.

Keep using "set up" in your day-to-day English, and you'll master it in no time! How did the gap fill exercise go?

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