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Mini Lesson: Phrasal Verb – "Turn Down"

Introduction to the Target Language:

Welcome to today's exploration of a rather versatile phrasal verb: "turn down." You might have encountered it in various contexts, but what does it really mean? At its core, "turn down" has two primary meanings:

  1. To reject an offer or proposal: This could be as straightforward as declining a job offer or as polite as refusing an invitation.

  2. To reduce in degree or intensity: This usually refers to decreasing something that can be measured, like the volume of music or the heat on your stove.

Understanding the nuance of "turn down" can add a real flair to your English communication, especially in situations that call for tact and precision.

Student studying English grammar
Learning grammar structures can help improve your speaking quality

Example Phrases:

  1. Rejecting an Offer:

  • After careful consideration, I decided to turn down the job offer, as it did not align with my career objectives.

  • Sarah turned down the invitation to the beach party because she had prior commitments that weekend.

  • Despite the tempting salary, he turned down the role because it would mean too much time away from his family.

  1. 2 - Reducing Intensity:

  • Could you turn down the music? It's a bit loud for a casual dinner conversation.

  • I turned down the heater as the room was beginning to feel like a sauna.

  • She turned down the brightness of her computer screen to ease the strain on her eyes.

Gap Fill Exercise:

Now, let's put your knowledge to the test! Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of "turn down" to complete the sentences correctly.

  1. Jessica ________ the offer to work overtime this weekend because she had plans to go hiking.

  2. Please ________ the volume on the TV; I'm trying to focus on my reading.

  3. Marcus was surprised when his proposal was ________ despite his detailed presentation.

  4. She asked if the air conditioning could be ________ because she was feeling cold.

  5. I had to ________ the invitation to speak at the conference, as it conflicted with another important event.

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