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Mini Lesson: Phrasal Verb – "Cut Back On"

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Introduction to the Target Language:

Welcome, learners! Let’s delve into a very practical phrasal verb: "cut back on." This phrase is particularly useful when discussing reduction or curtailment, especially in contexts of budgeting, consumption, or time allocation. It’s about doing less of something or using something less frequently.

Understanding how to use "cut back on" effectively can help you communicate about management or conservation more effectively.

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Repeating what you learn every 3 days extends your memory retention

Example Phrases:

  • Due to budget constraints, we need to cut back on our spending.

  • I’ve been trying to cut back on caffeine, so I switched to herbal tea in the afternoons.

  • The company decided to cut back on travel expenses by using video conferencing.

Gap Fill Exercise:

Let’s test your understanding. Fill in the blanks using "cut back on":

  1. We should ________ our use of plastic to help the environment.

  2. He’s ________ sweets to improve his health.

  3. The department will need to ________ overtime hours to stay within the budget.

  4. She has ________ watching TV late at night to get better sleep.

  5. To save money, they’ve decided to ________ eating out.

Keep practicing "cut back on" to refine your ability to discuss reduction strategies effectively. How are you doing with the gap fill exercises?

These mini lessons can be a great resource for anyone looking to enhance their proficiency in using English phrasal verbs in real-life scenarios. Keep learning, and enjoy the journey!

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